Preventive Services

This is a summary of the most common types of preventive services we offer.  A more detailed explanation, in some cases accompanied by an informative video, can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding heading in the menu at the left of this page.


Prophylaxis  (Teeth cleaning & Polishing)

This is a procedure which removes plaque and stains from the teeth and superficial hard calcific deposits called calculus (tartar) from around the necks of the teeth.  These are the sources of local irritation, which if ignored, my lead to a disease condition called periodontitis.


Fluoride Treatment

This is a chemical which is applied directly to the teeth to harden them and make them less susceptible to decay.  It can be used on adults as well as children.


Dental Sealants

This is a process of adding a protective layer of tooth color material to the grooves of the teeth to decrease the risk of future decay in those areas.


Space Maintainers

These appliances, which may be fixed or removable, are used on a temporary basis to preserve the space of a missing tooth for future replacement.  If the space is not maintained, drifting of the teeth will result in other spaces developing and/or tipping of adjacent teeth into the extraction space, compromising future replacement .



These appliances, are used to protect the teeth from wear as the result of grinding or bruxism


Athletic Guards

These appliances, are used to protect the teeth from injury when engaging in contact sports.


Periodontal Maintenance

This is a periodic procedure performed as a follow up to periodontal surgery