Expert Witness

Dr. Appelle has provided consulting services in cases involving claims for dental injuries.  He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in in many of the cases for which he has provided his professional opinion,  often appearing in court as an expert witness.  The following is a list of the institutions and businesses which have hired him in the past:


Abbott and Bushlow

Aetna Insurance Company

Aetna Casualty & Surety Division

Aetna Personal Financial Security Division

Aetna Commercial Insurance Division

Ahmuty, Demers, & McManus


American Fidelity Fire Insurance Company

American Consumer Insurance Company

American International Adjustment Company

American Mutual Insurance Companies

American Transit Insurance Company

Atlantic Mutual Companies

Barry, McTiernan & Moore

Bower & Gardner

Byrnes & Sullivan

Byron Lassin

Callan, Regenstreich, Koster, & Brady

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

Cigna Property & Casualty Companies

City of New York, Law Department, Workers Compensation Division

Compu-Med Exams

CNA Insurance Companies

Crawford & Company

Criterion Insurance Company

Crum & Foster

deCicco, McCorry, Cardoza & Herrmann

Denise M. Dunleavy

Dombroff & Gilmore

Dwyer, Peltz, & Walker

Empire Insurance Co.

Eustace & Marquez

Fein & Steinberg

Flynn Gibbons & Dowd

FOJP Service Corp.

Gallagher and Company


Gerald J. Mondora

Glatzer, Belovin, & Kirchhofer, P.C.

Home Insurance Company

Hertz Corporation

Hughes, Hubbard, & Reed

Jackson & Consumano LLP

Jacobowitz & Lysaght

Joseph A. Foglia

King, Piazza, & Reiser

Kirkland & Packard

Lane & Mittendorf

Lawlor & Caulfield

Leahey & Johnson

Lester, Schwab, Katz, & Dwyer

Liberty Mutual

Manhattan & Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority, Law Dept.

Marshall, Conway, & Wright, P.C.

Medical Consultation Services

Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company

Medi-Law Examiners

Montfort, Hezly, McGuire & Salley

Morris and Duffy

Morris, Duffy, Ivone & Jensen

Mulholland, Minion & Roe

New York City Transit Authority, Law Department

Claims Investigation and Adjustment

Odin Claims, Inc

Oppenheim, Cohen, & McCoy

PMA Group

Probus Investigations, Inc.

PSM Insurance Companies

Purcell & Ingrao, P.C.

Reliance Insurance Companies

St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company

Schiavetti, De Vito, Begos & Nicholson

Semel, Boeckmann, Diamond, Schepp, and Yuhas

Shannon, Flaherty, & Wood

Sheft, Wright & Sweeney

Sheft & Sweeney

Supermarkets General Corporation

Thurm & Heller

Underwriters Adjusting Company

U S F & G Companies

U.S. Insurance Group, a Crum & Foster Organization

Utica Mutual Insurance

Wausau Insurance Companies

Williamson & Williamson