Gingival Resculpting
(Gumline Changes)

Gingival Recession

Traditionally this condition has been treated surgically with mixed results by grafting.  This requires an incision to be made in the gum, creating a flap, and repositioning this flap of tissue over the denuded root. Healing takes place over several weeks but depending on the severity of the recession, may not completely cover the root surface and in some instances, there will be no improvement.

Alternatively, a very predictable and satisfactory cosmetic outcome can be achieved non-surgically, by bonding pink composite resin filling material to the root surface.  This material can be custom shaded to match the natural color of all variations of gum color, is biocompatible, and long lasting.

Dental Gingival RecessionDental Gingival Recession

Gingival Excess

Sometimes when a patient smiles, the gumline above the two upper front teeth is uneven, resulting in one tooth looking shorter than the adjacent one.  This can be quickly corrected by removing a small amount of gum tissue from one of the teeth so that the gum line is symmetrical. 

A more extreme case, often referred to as a “gummy” smile results when a disproportionate amount of gum relative to the amount of tooth structure is displayed when one is smiling or laughing.  There are various treatments for this condition including those involving surgery or orthodontics (braces).